The Great Katie Kate is the first book series designed to help kids and families understand their condition and overcome their fears.


When Santa and Baby Santa get together, nothing can get in the way of making sure that every boy and girl has a very merry Christmas!


Take trips around town and to Broadway with Bambina and Mama Bee and catch the buzz of Busy Bees!


Let your mind wander through this whimsical story and ask yourself—what would you catch?

What’s New at DeLand Books

MaitlandDeLandA new children’s book, written by Maitland DeLand, M.D., beautifully illustrates the positive actions children can take when they have a relative with type 1 diabetes.

Be a Hero! Help Prevent Diabetes with The Great Katie Kate introduces readers to a young super heroine named Katie Kate. She, in turn, guides them through a TrialNet screening and explains its importance to type 1 diabetes research and families like their own. The story takes place at a diabetes day camp, where children with diabetes, as well as sisters and brothers without diabetes, attend together.

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Educational Children’s Books

Dr. Maitland DeLand writes educational and entertaining children’s books to help ease children’s worries about medical and health conditions. Dr. DeLand’s The Great Katie Kate series focuses on children’s health concerns such as explaining epilepsy to children and answering children’s questions about cancer.

Dr. DeLand is also the author of Baby Santa, a children’s Christmas book on how a young boy must overcome obstacles to help save Christmas, and other books for children including Busy Bees and Fishing for Flowers.


About the Author

M. Maitland DeLand, M.D. is a radiation oncologist specializing in the treatment of women’s and children’s cancers who has dedicated her career to helping her patients and their families lead balanced and rewarding lives.

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